Aion Massive Ban for Good Morning


Over the last week Aion team has been working on a list – who was naughty or nice. Ban Hammer Claus just came to town. Nearly 16,000 accounts have been removed from the game. If your account was banned, please read the following FAQ.

1. Why was I banned?

There could be many reasons your account was closed. If you did not receive notification of your violation via e-mail please create a support ticket and the violation will be explained to you. Please note that if your account was closed for the use of 3rd party software (botting) or participating in RMT (gold buying/selling) the evidence for the account closure was gathered over several weeks. It may be completely unrelated to what your character was doing right when your account was closed.

2. … but I wasn’t botting, buying Kinah or spamming advertisements! I’m innocent!

Any action that modifies the client or automates the same way a bot does could potentially flag an account as a violator. We do not use one specific instance to “flag” an account for botting or RMT. We use many instances to strengthen our conclusions. Please understand that it is not what “you” have done on your account, but what the account has done. If your account is shared, purchased, borrowed, or power leveled, it could be the actions of anyone who’s ever used the account.

3. I’m aware of all of the above, but I have never done any of it. Who do I contact?

To request a review, please create a support ticket.

We are taking a very hard stance on this issue and do have sophisticated processes and procedures in place that help us keep unwarranted banning to a minimum. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully banned, you can email us at, and we will review your account. Our goal is to ensure our legitimate players are having the best game experience possible. Please note that you don’t need to submit multiple tickets, as we will review a specific case only once. We obviously take these violations seriously, but also want to make sure that legitimate players aren’t banned unnecessarily.

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11 Responses to Aion Massive Ban for Good Morning

  1. Nicki says:

    YAY!!! Glad to see they are clamping down on the bot problem!

  2. Evaeliz says:

    That’s the Spirit! Keep carrying out the TRASH!!

  3. Middea says:

    Ban Hammer Claus ftw.

  4. Spinner says:

    Lets hope they keep doing it ^^

    “been working on a list – who was naughty or nice”

    ‘been’ ? .. ‘was’ ?

    That sounds like it’s been a one time effort.
    I’ll keep hoping..

  5. Banned says:

    Bloody nazis… without a warning, a good explanation and a message further communication will be ignored, you are banned! Naughty people deserve a warning, a penalty or a temperary bann. People that don’t listen to warnings or are multiple violators they should be banned!

    Why did I buy gold? Well, the death penalties are too high and skill books too costly. At level 34 I had to buy skill books 365.000 kinah and each death costs me 40.000 kinah at level 34.

    As I don’t like grinding over and over mindlessly to earn some cash, this is a scare tactic that doesn’t work. I am back in the game with a different account. The gold vendor private stores are still plenty. As well as their advertisements in chat.

    Their real goal should be to ban those Abyss wankers that gank people 20 levels below their own…

  6. For the one above me says:

    It’s because people like YOU bots and gold advertisers exist. If persons like you wouldn’t buy gold, they would be gone, we could do our quests without bots grinding the hell out of our quest mobs or having to block spam every so often. This is a game, so PLAY it, not PAY it. If you feel this is not for you, feel free to quit, no one will miss you.

    And why warn the ones that break the rules before banning them? If you steal and the police catches you, will they tell you “Ok son, we just want to tell you it’s wrong what you did. We will let you go this time but if we catch you the next time you will go to jail.”?

  7. Beowulf says:

    I dont know how the gold sellers can be banned and then ten minutes later they all appear again. If it cost them $15 for every time a character was banned, there would be less of a problem. Are they just temporarily banning the character, or cancelling the account with no refund?

  8. Think says:

    I think it starts with the prices of items at the broker. I see very overpriced items for sale and can’t imagine how someone would be able to pay that amount. That’s probably why there are gold sellers and a lot botters. People want to buy nice items for their characters and to be able to do that, they see buying gold as an easy way out. Maybe they should put a price cap on things, so we all don’t get charged up the wazoo. Maybe then, we won’t see the need for gold sellers and botting because we obviously could do it ourselves.

  9. divinity says:

    people who are botting and cheating should be banned Warning is needed (it is quite simple) =). i believe that it’s unfair that some people get an edge in the game just because they are morally corrupt!. (we have enough of that in the real world. lol). as for the high prices it’s because of the gold sellers (bastards) they are like drug dealers who sell an easy solution (a fake high) to people who are addicted to being LAZY …lol



  10. divinity says:

    hmm…on second thought lets keep the lazy people …just ban the morally corrupt

  11. noob says:

    where to buy a skills book? anyone?

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