Aion PTS XP multiplier goes above 4x

public test server experience gain

We reported yesterday that the newly created Aion public Test Server has a 30% XP increase over the regular live servers. This was based on us killing several mobs on level one in starting Elyos areas. Turns out that this is true only for the first few levels. The image above shows the same characters at level 6 and they are killing the same mob only on different server versions. As you can see the PTS XP is 4.5 times higher (no rest bonus or other XP increasing buff was present). This changes the XP curve significantly.

There are people overrunning the PTS. This reminds me of times when the game launched and everyone eagerly going through content. I’ve seen people lvl 27 today and I am guessing some are in their mid 30s by now.

We’re all eagerly awaiting the 1.9 patch as well to debut on the PTS. If the server doesn’t buckle at that point it never will :).

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3 Responses to Aion PTS XP multiplier goes above 4x

  1. Nicki says:

    O.o Wow! Thanks for keeping us updated. 😀

  2. phil says:

    No thats wrong, read the FAQ of the PTR!

    NCSoft wants you to level faster, to see more of the new patch. Actually the 4x is because you’re on the PTR

  3. Mikro says:

    I am not sure what exactly is wrong? I was just trying to show what is the exact XP gain increase on the PTR in comparison to the normal servers. Exact number was never released in any of the FAQs so I tried to calculate what it is. As you said PTR is supposed to have an increased XP gain – that is what it was made for.

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