9 Responses to NA/EU Aion Accounts FAQ

  1. empty says:

    WHY??…. i mean why i cant buy a NA version and play in a EU server?.. in L2 you CAN do that…. why you cant in Aion?… damn,…

  2. Raz says:

    This is absolutely horrible. Harder to stay in touch with my friends, absolutely one of the worst things in Aion.

  3. Kincaid says:

    This is rediculous…cause I purchased on Steam without knowing it would automatically make it Europe key. But I want to play on NA because my friends are there.

    I am in the army stationed in Germany…and paid fucking 60euros=88USD for this game and cannot even play NA. Now they want me to pay for NA so I can use this game…

  4. rico says:

    It’s stupid!
    I got my CE retail box from a webstore, they never mentioned that i would get an imported box from the U.S.
    I’m stuck with a NA key while i really want to play on the EU servers.

    I hope NCsoft can come up with a solution, i can’t return the registered game for a refund anymore.

  5. Xao says:

    What a pain… Anyone would know a “third party” in the Us that sells EU keys/box?

    Dude why? Anyone in EU wants a US one? :p

  6. Loy says:

    Only third party I found was those gold seller websites, they sell cd keys… Great job lol. Didn’t even get the game yet and they send me to them…

  7. Aion EU server status says:

    What do u guys recon is better? na or eu version?

  8. gmgmg says:

    wth -.- i wanna play on NA server and i live in ireland(EU) my friends r in Us/NA =.= any1 kno any trustable third party sites?

  9. tr says:

    you can ask them to change it for you. you can buy either one and then contact them and get them to change it for you. They will only do it once tho.

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