How to make your aion toon looks like a doll

While I was following various Aion links during the last few days I came across this interesting forum post – Doll Toons. To be honest, an idea of making a toon that looks like a doll has never crossed my mind, but when I saw some screenshots I was really impressed. My first attempt wasn’t very successful. One of the reason might be a fact that is much harder to make Asmo doll than Elyos one. So I’ve decided to search for tips and tricks. And here is what I have found so far. If you have any other tip please let us know.

1) Dolls heads are large in proportion to their bodies. Also, their facial features are pushed closer together, and their eyes are pretty much full-size, which makes them seem bigger.
2) So, if you want to make a character’s face doll- like, push the features closer together, make the eyes bigger, the nose and mouth smaller, the head rounder and bigger. The waist shouldn’t be too narrow in proportion to the hips; the shoulders should not be broad.
3) The asmo body type will make this a little tougher as the base body types are different (bigger neck muscles, broader shoulders, wider hips, bigger chest) even when you bring all sliders down to 0.
4) Max the “scary” and “disturbing” bars. Min “human resemblance” bar.

Aion0015Aion0039Aion-4Aion Doll III By GirakittieAsmobody
DollLikethisSMSynthia3Synthia Elt 3

1) Short as possible, tho make the legs fit the body
2) Feet should be small
3) Hands should be small
4) Shoulders close together
5) Bewbs should be small(est), unless you want a ****** doll look
6) Hips and waist should be small
7) Leg thickness should be small
8 ) Most should be small, except head, which should be slightly on the bigger side.

Face styles:
1) Should have the face style where the cheeks have blush on them
2) Big dead looking eyes work too

1) Narrow, and not too obvious

1) Big!
2) Make them ‘even’ as in not tilting up or down
3) Blue is best,
4) Make them fairly close together, not too close, but just a hair more than average

1) Style is just prefference, tho avoid elaborate stuff
2) Blonde is best,
3) Long styles are best in my opinion, tho short ones will work. Curly or elaborate decorations do not work for dolls

1) Don’t make it pointy, should be round and cute
2) Nostrils just slightly flared, a skinny nose is not doll-like
3) Make the nose tip round and ‘button like’
4) Make it slightly pointing upwards if you want
5) Nose bridge should be further in, than further out

1) NOT elf like, that is all

1) Narrow(Kiss lips like)
2) Make them Full, think the Bratz dolls!
3) Should be rose red
4) Make it look average, no smile, no frown, just average


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  1. Wakachii says:

    :’3 Just look upa reference of a kawaii girl. They’re the definition of what your looking for.

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