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Tiamat’s Citadel Screenshots

If you’ve been curious about the new Aion 3.5 instance Tiamat’s Citadel we have a screenshots of new bosses and items for you.   Tiamat’s Citadel Armor

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Aion 2.5 screenshots Academy Bootcamp Instance

New Aion 2.5 update known as Empyrean Calling, introduces two new instances Academy Bootcamp and Araka. We would like to share with you some breathtaking screenshots about Academy Bootcamp instance, bosses and monsters. Enjoy!  

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Aion 2.0 Pets

Aion’s free expansion Assault on Balaurea is announced for September 7th. Among the huge list of new features in this enormous update (about 3 or 4 gigs of new content) was the mention of Aion Pet System.

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How to make your aion toon looks like a doll

While I was following various Aion links during the last few days I came across this interesting forum post – Doll Toons. To be honest, an idea of making a toon that looks like a doll has never crossed my … Continue reading

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Aion Fashion details part two

For some reason, most of the Aion players are not paying attention to the appearance of their characters, but recently I noticed a certain changes that keep spreading across the Atreia! If you are interested in transformations of fashion stereotypes … Continue reading

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Images of two new Aion lands

Patch 2.0 made its appearance on the Korean Test servers and in turn we have loads of media pouring in. Just to remind you, NCSoft plans to release this patch to the Western audiences sometime in September/October (as announced in … Continue reading

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Mo’ Kinah Mo’ Problems

We begin this week with an excellent Aion themed podcast. They have just released their second episode and its a very knowledgeable show giving great tips on crafting, grinding and making Aion kinah the right way. Whether to quest grind, … Continue reading

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Create your Aion look alike

Aion has a great character customization interface. You also have the possibility to change your avatar’s appearance through the Plastic Surgery interface later on in the game. While browsing through the, soon to be erased, official forums I came across … Continue reading

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Monday Aion Rant

I thought I start a new segment here on Aion Life. It is Monday after a double XP weekend. Your eyes are puffy from non stop playing and caffeine from all those energy drinks/coffee is slowly dwindling, bringing the harsh … Continue reading

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