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Final Fantasy 15 Rusty Bit, Sturdy Helixhorn, Professor’s Protege, Scraps of Mystery and more

Final Fantasy 15 has launched recently, and as we are approaching the end of year, the gaming world can say that 2016 finished with a bang! Long awaited, 10 years in the making, part of the legendary franchise, Final Fantasy … Continue reading

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Iron Wall Warfront instance screenshots

The following screenshots are the first look into Iron Wall Warfront, one of the two instances coming in Aion: Steel Cavalry. Continue reading

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Wildstar – one MMO to check out this year

We recently attended a press event organized by Carbine Studios and NCSoft where we were shown, and got to play, Wildstar – MMORPG game coming sometime in 2013. After playing the game we thought it would be important to share … Continue reading

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Interview with Aion EU Executive Product Director

We had the honor of sitting down with Mr. Volker Boenigk, Team Aion EU Executive Product Director, during Gamescom 2012. This was a very special interview for us because we met the person that is among the most responsible people … Continue reading

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I know, this is not Aion related. Still, I thought I should share this with the Aion community. It is this new MMORPG game coming from Korea called RaiderZ. We visited Gameforge’s booth at Gamescom 2012 primarily for Aion news, … Continue reading

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Aion 3.5 presentation video and 4.0 reveals!

During our visit to GamesCom 2012 in Cologne, Germany, we were treated to a full presentation and session with the Korean developers, courtesy of Gameforge. We were shown loads of footage from Aion 3.5 including lots of information about what … Continue reading

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Aion 4.0 to have three new classes!

We are at GamesCom, Europe’s biggest gaming event and of course, we went to see what’s new with Aion (and take some community questions along the way). We were very happy to find out that among the people present are … Continue reading

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Quests and Items Database Updated to 3.0

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Aion 3.0 on the European servers I am glad to announce that Aion Life has had its Quests and Items databases updated to the game version 3.0. I believe we are the only … Continue reading

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Patch 2.7 Goes Live Soon and Korean Patch 3.0 Rumored

The official date for the release of patch 2.7 has been announced and it is October 19th, 2011. As you probably know the biggest changes introduced to the game with this patch are the new PvP Crucible Arenas and new … Continue reading

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100% Manastone Socketing for Real Money

  There is an interesting article on Aion Source discussing the effects of the cash shop on the game that already has a subscription like Aion does. This has been a hot topic ever since the cash shop was announced. … Continue reading

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