Monday Aion Rant

I thought I start a new segment here on Aion Life. It is Monday after a double XP weekend. Your eyes are puffy from non stop playing and caffeine from all those energy drinks/coffee is slowly dwindling, bringing the harsh truth of your favorite day of the week, Monday, to your attention. Whether you’re at school or work we have a cure for your case of the Mondays. Brief news and funny community bits and pieces about your favorite pastime – Aion. I like to call it MAR, or our Monday Aion Rant.

Our first MAR is special in another way as well. We return to regular updates after a short hiatus. Real Life > favorite pastime (*sadface*) but everything is back to normal now. I will post about some old news as well so bare with me.

Aion Magazine has had its first issue “hit the stands” on March 26th. A lot of competitions have been running on Aion fansites giving out year long subscriptions and I hope we’ll be able to provide you with one as well. In the meantime, how did you like it? Leave your impressions in the comments below! I especially want to hear from the people that preordered and got the Kerub hat. Tell me, will you allow yourself to get caught strolling around Sanctum looking like the toon below:

Kerub Hat

Image found at

Reparation, of “Another Aion blog”, finally completed his full Daevanion armor and weapon. If you need new goals in-game, just check out this guy’s checklist.

If you somehow managed to finish the above mentioned epic task of collecting full Daevanion set, check out what a golden weapon that takes 6 days of AP farming looks like at Avalon Guild post about the Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Warhammer.

Best for last. I was trolling YouTube and came across the video below. Hope this little MAR made Monday bearable at least.

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2 Responses to Monday Aion Rant

  1. SlaYerr says:

    That dude looks pretty happy about soul heal update lol

  2. Nicki says:

    LOL! Instant happy, love it. 🙂

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