Easter Monday Video Rant

Another week has started and this means I can jump into another one of our Monday Aion Rants. This week we have a special Video edition. The Blog community has not been as active in the past 7 days so nothing new to report there, but I did come across several Aion related videos that I think will go well with your Monday coffee (or other Monday ritual you prefer).

First off, in accordance with the holiday, we have an Aion Easter Egg video that the German mmorpg site PlayMassive released. It shows how you can use the geysers to jump to a remote and hidden location. I must say it looks wonderful.

Next up is the Korean NCSoft releasing an April Fools video presenting new instance and raid bosses planned for Aion 2.0. Notice: no dogs or Balaur were hurt during making of the video! I have no idea what the subtitles in the video mean (they are in Korean) but feel free to fill in the blanks by yourself.

For your viewing pleasure we bring a piece of actual news. It is the video of new wings you will be able to obtain in patch 1.9. The rumored cost of these is 90 mil, but they sure look awesome. I have combined both videos that were released by Korean NCSoft into one and you can view it below (or on our Youtube channel).

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