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Aion 10 Days Free Trials

Today, Aion team presents a new Free Trial program beginning Thursday, May 26, 2011. We are pleased to announce the start of the Aion Free Trials, beginning Thursday, May 26, 2011! Spread your wings and join in the fight against … Continue reading

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Aion Faction Incentive Program Details

Aion team has been working on new project which aim is to improve play experience. The main focus of this program is to establish incentives on specific North American and European servers which have a faction in need of growth … Continue reading

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Aion 2.5 patch introduces new skills

The new Aion 2.5 update, Empyrean Calling, introduces two new skills for every class. One of the new skills can be purchased from the Class Trainer. The other new skill is a Stigma skill.    

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Aion 2.5 screenshots Academy Bootcamp Instance

New Aion 2.5 update known as Empyrean Calling, introduces two new instances Academy Bootcamp and Araka. We would like to share with you some breathtaking screenshots about Academy Bootcamp instance, bosses and monsters. Enjoy!  

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Aion 2.5 Empyrean Calling: Launch Date and Events

  The long waited Aion 2.5 Update – Empyrean Calling is finally scheduled for North American and European Live servers on May 25th. To celebrate the launch of the new update Aion team prepares several events from May 11th through … Continue reading

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