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Acquiring an Antidote


Dewi said the Mau had an antidote to put into the Lepharists’ drinking water to counter their potion. Go to Red Mane Cavern and get an antidote from Laksyatil, a healer.


Step 1. Get an antidote from LaksyatilA Red Mane healer at the Red Mane Cavern in Beluslan. He knows many ancient Mau secrets. to counter the Lepharists’ potion.

Step 2. Deliver the antidote to DewiA spy at the Abandoned Campsite in Beluslan. You’d better not tell anybody he’s a spy or he’ll be in trouble..

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Beluslan
Quest Level 43
Required Level 42

Starting NPC


First seen in version: 1.5
Updated in version: 2.5
In-Game Link


XP: 2574895

Platinum Coin

Platinum Coin

Available for Level 50 or higher

A coin awarded by Pandaemonium.

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