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But What we Make


In order to change your future, you must purify yourself of evil power. Follow Munin’s advice and obtain divine blessings from five holy creatures to make the Pearl of Purification.


Step 1. Talk with MuninA prescient Daeva, now imprisoned in a crystal at the The Forsaken Hollow. He was exiled after some sort of accusations in Pandaemonium..

Step 2. Accept HreidmarA spirit found in the Fall Road in Morheim. He guards the Nepra zealously.‘s divine blessing[5].

Step 3. Accept BulaganA Fire Spirit in the Sky Temple of Arkanis in Morheim. It is a loyal servant of Agnita.‘s divine blessing[8].

Step 4. Accept CayronA Brohum on Cayron Hill in Iollu Forest in Brusthonin. It is friendly to Humans.‘s divine blessing[11].

Step 5. Accept VanargandA talking Granker in Besfer Ghost Village. It doesn’t like Asmodians.‘s divine blessing[14].

Step 6. Accept EsnuA legendary Seiren said to seduce Humans with her beautiful voice and strip away their souls.‘s divine blessing[17].

Step 7. Receive the Amulet of Insight from SkuldA mysterious girl standing on the coast near Anturoon Crossing in Ishalgen. [20].

Step 8. Receive AnantaAn adjutant to Chaikata, the Chieftain of the Silver Mane Tribe. She is hiding at Chaikata’s Hideout with the other survivors.‘s incantation in the amulet [23].

Step 9. Receive SeznecA suspicious shaman living at the Shaman’s House in the Baltasar Cemetery in Brusthonin.‘s incantation in the amulet [26].

Step 10. Receive KasirA prophet at the Temple of Knowledge in Pandaemonium. He is confined in the secret library.‘s incantation in the amulet [29].

Step 11. Listen to AegirThe Brigade General of Morheim Ice Fortress. He accepted assignment there rather than spend another year in the Abyss.‘s advice[32].

Step 12. Listen to HeintzAn old Daeva in Baltasar Hill Village in Brusthonin. He took care of Ervin after the Balaur attack.‘s advice[35].

Step 13. Listen to DelrisA Drakan Punisher adjutant at the Red Mane Cavern in Beluslan. She likes to charge directly into battle without thinking of the consequences.‘s advice[38].

Step 14. Listen to VotanThe Governor of Reshanta, at Primum Fortress. He is a legendary strategist who killed many Elyos heroes as he worked his way up through the ranks.‘s advice[41].

Step 15. Listen to KvasirCaptain of the Fenris’s Fangs in the Capitol Building of Pandaemonium.‘s advice[44].

Step 16. Report the result to Munin [48].

Category mission
Race Asmodians
Location Carving out a Fortune Mission
Quest Level50
Required Level50
Need to complete the following quests first:
Where’s Rae This Time?
Crushing the Conspiracy
Hold The Front Line
Graves of the Red Sky Legion
The Secret Passage
Light up the Lighthouse
The Secret of Adma Stronghold
Suppressing the Bakarma Legion
The Shadow Summons
No Escaping Destiny
Twice as Bright
Spirit Blade
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 10106881

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  1. Funerarium says:

    Boring quest 😛

  2. Genius says:

    You just gave me a great idea for our next weekly poll 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Shanning says:

    Worst quest EVER

  4. Natsu says:

    This quest stinks

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