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[Group] Assassin Mokkurkalfi


Recently Guardians in Reshanta were ambushed by an unknown Asmodian. Septimus identified Mokkurkalfi. Kill him and report in to Brigade General Sakmis.


Step 1. Assassinate MokkurkalfiHe is at Solitary Island, which is near the Primum Landing in Reshanta. He used to be part of the Red Hasia Legion, but left to fight alone after he continued to cause trouble in the Legion with his overconfidence. , the Asmodian spy.

Step 2. Report back to SakmisThe Brigade General of the Gray Wind Legion stationed at Teminon Fortress in Reshanta. He doesn’t think that Daeva’s immortality is a blessing..


XP: 33300

“Sakmis’ Earrings”

“Sakmis’ Earrings”
Can’t be traded
Can’t be stored in account warehouse
Can’t be stored in Legion warehouse
Available for Level 28 or higher

Magical Resistance:74  

Flight Time+7  

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Reshanta
Quest Level28
Required Level27

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