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[Group] Revenge’s Last Link


Altina has asked you to kill Tulia Surestep. Find and destroy this Dragonbound agent.


Step 1. Kill Tulia SurestepOne of the Dragonbound in the Lower Udas Temple. (x1).

Step 2. Talk to AltinaA Reian tribesman in the Marayas Wilds of Gelkmaros. Since she lost her daughter to the Dragonbound, vengeance has become her only reason to live..

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Lower Udas Temple
Quest Level54
Required Level52
Need to complete the following quests first:
Secret of the Dragonbound
[Group] Lair of the Dragonbound
[Group] Fan Flames of Vengeance
First seen in version:1.9
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 6240944
Kinah: 52870

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