Aion Closed Beta Event 4

We’ve already shared with you some information about upcoming Aion Beta Event 4. Just a few days remains until the next beta event and here’s what you will want to remember:

Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25, including access to the Abyss.
Starting time: 17th of July (noon PST, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)
Ending time: 20th of July (July 19th 11.59 PM PST, July 20th 8 AM BST/9 AM CEST)

For anyone confused about these time standards, PST is the time on the US west coast, BST is what to look at if you’re in London and CEST is for those of you in Central Europe.

One of the more common items of feedback during our previous beta event pertained to server stability and we have made sure to address this specifically with the updated client for the coming weekend. Find below a list of updates for CB4:

  • Increased server stability
  • Various UI fixes
  • Various NPC load failure fixes
  • Various NPC grammatical fixes
  • Various Glossary term grammatical fixes
  • New NPC Dialogue/Quest text for Sanctum and Pandaemonium
  • GameGuard update

More Closed Beta events will follow in July and August, giving even those of you haven’t yet been able to try the game an excellent chance to do so.


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