Aion Guardian General Showdown event

The great news for all Aion fans is that Guardian General Showdown event has additional spawns for each faction in Inggison and Gelkmaros. This event lasts until May 22nd, and offers an opportunity to take down the rival faction Guardian General and obtain great rewards.
After defeating the Guardian General, you will receive the same rewards as the Jotun Square battles. There is no bonus participation survey for these additional spawns, but the existing surveys will remain in place for those doing battle in Silentera Canyon.

Make sure to form a league before engaging in battle. If you receive a blank loot window after defeating the Guardian General, using the ‘Take All’ shortcut key (SHIFT + Right-Click) to loot the body should give you the correct rewards.

Event schedule
The Guardian General listed is the NPC that will spawn for the opposing faction. Furious Dux and Furious Stalari each spawn at 8 PM Central (server time) on their respective days and remain spawned until 10 PM if not defeated.

May 15 Furious Dux
May 16 Furious Stalari
May 17 Furious Dux
May 18 Furious Stalari
May 19 Furious Dux
May 20 Furious Stalari
May 21 Furious Dux
May 22 Maintenance

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