Aion Truly Free Anniversary Event

The first Aion anniversary starts on April 10th with in-game events. The Truly Free Anniversary event will last from April 10th through the 17th, and players will be able to participate in a special reintroduction of the giant cake and candle event. During this period Aether Flame drop rate will be increased.

This week we’re celebrating a milestone in our service- the 1 year anniversary of Truly Free Aion!  Just 1 year ago, Aion shed its subscription model and opened up the world of Atreia to all players for free.  Veterans of the MMO genre know that free can mean many different things to different companies.  Even more recent game conversions advertise free while their service tells a very different story.  We wanted our model to be the best out there, so we gave you, our players, the entire core game with zero restrictions.  No annoying upgrades, no trade limits, and nothing hidden behind a pay wall.  We also gave you 3.0 and all of its content for free and we’re excited to announce that this June, we’ll be giving you update 4.0: Dark Betrayal Truly Free as well!
To celebrate this milestone as well as the future on Aion, we’ve enabled the popular Decorate the Cake event that we ran last year.  This event lets players find flames throughout the world and light the candles on the celebration cake in each faction’s city square.  When lit, the candle will give a powerful buff to any player standing near the cake!  So gather together, celebrate, and share the rewards!
Event Details:
Brilliant Truly Free Candle – 300% XP gain for 4 hours!
Mysterious Truly Free Candle – 300% drop rate for 4 hours!
Calming Truly Free Candle – Gives everyone in the area 10% attack speed and 10% cast speed for 4 hours and replenishes their DP by 2000.
Flames can be exchanged for candles with NPCs located in Sanctum and Pandaemonium – Just look for the giant cake!


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