The big gaming LAN party is being held in Sweden right now and NCSoft is representing in full. Aion_Ayase is there to promote Aion to the crowds, along with the Swedish fan community members that are enjoying the PvP tournaments. There is a 3v3 tournament and a FFA tournament going on and finals will be hosted on Saturday. If you are visiting by any chance, you will be able to find Tutty, since they are handing out pink squishable pigs to innocent bystanders :). If you get a hold of one – we want pictures!

BTW, First FFA brawl was won by the aiononline.se community members (congrats) and they won some great swag from Razor and SteelSeries.

The full Aion agenda at Dreamhack can be found here.

Dreamhack HallNCSoft Aion boothaiononline.se wins

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