Important news for CB participants

All the Aion Closed Beta participants that created their account prior to July 29, 2009 you need to update your NCSoft Aion account right away. NCSoft changed their account system on that day to accommodate for the upcoming live release of the game and you need to take the following action to update your account (we’re gonna do this like we do our quest walkthroughs – with steps and screenshots 🙂 ).

1. Log in to your NCsoft Master Account.
2. Click Game Accounts.

3. Select your Aion game account.

4. Click Change Password link in the Actions section, and follow directions to update your password.

4a) If, on that page, you see a warning like the one above make sure you finish the rest of the steps

That was nice, wasn’t it? 🙂 In any case – the official announcement is here.

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