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Halloween in NCSoft’s office

There is apparently a contest going on in NCSoft’s offices to determine who has the best Halloween themed desk. Who has the best looking decoration? I vote for the Spider guy. Via Twitter @lblazier

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Patch preview and more

Official Aion sites have released several news items I’d like to reflect on here. New patch 1.5.1 is in the works and Aion_Tamat was kind enough to let the community know what we can expect. There are some anti-griefing mechanisms … Continue reading

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Last chance to upgrade Aion to Collector’s Edition

NCsoft has announced last opportunity to upgrade your standard edition version of Aion to the full collector’s edition: If Due to an internal error that caused availability of the Aion Collector’s Edition Upgrade to end early, we’re restoring the ability … Continue reading

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Site Migration

In order to provide better services for our visitors we have decided to move our website to a new server. Migration will start on Monday 26th October 2009. During this time, you may have difficulties accessing us while the DNS … Continue reading

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Patch is out

Following today’s maintenance we learn that a new patch has been applied to the servers. The patch brings more restrictions to low level players with hopes of suppressing spam by Kinah sellers. They will have to work harder now to … Continue reading

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Aion little surprise as Veteran Rewards

If you got an email about renewing your Aion subscription, don’t worry it’s not a spam. This is an official newsletter and all of us will get the veteran rewards during our 2nd month of Aion regardless of which version … Continue reading

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Tuesday funnies and some grind tips

I am not a fan of large gaming network sites. They tend to be to impersonal. They tend to put their heart into the game only if its very successful and pays them big bucks. You can see bursts of … Continue reading

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Aion Chat Spam Filter

A few days ago Aion was updated to version There aren’t many changes but the most important one is update of the Chat Spam Filter. How does it work? Aion team is updating the Chat Spam Filter constantly and … Continue reading

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Aion Harvest Revel Event

If you like in game events be prepared. Aion team has announced Harvest Revel Event from October 25th – 31st. There aren’t much details yet but here is what we know so far:

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24/7 GM support for Aion coming very soon

Aion team has finally responded to the in-game petition about better GM support. As Ayase has announced it’s coming very soon. We hope this will solve some major problems particularly those related to gold spammers. For those of you using … Continue reading

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