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Pearl of Protection


You need a strong spell of protection before you go to Karamatis. Infuse blessings from people you’ve encountered in your travels into the marble you received from Pernos.


Step 1. Talk with PernosA mysterious old hermit dwelling near the Agaric Spore Road in Poeta..

Step 2. Accept the blessing of DaminuChieftain of the Elim Tribe at the Daminu Forest in Poeta. He is the ruler of the forest. He is found in the center of the forest.[5].

Step 3. Accept the blessing of LodasThe King of the Forest protecting the Eiron Desert in Eltnen. After sending all of his people to safety he stayed behind to try to stop the desertification of Eltnen by himself.[8].

Step 4. Accept the blessing of ArboluA holy tree in Arbolu’s Haven. It communicates through Voice of Arbolu.[11].

Step 5. Accept the energy of KhidiaA Protector of the Verteron Observatory in the Cantas Coast. She has the ability to hear the energy of Aether. She was a member of Temple under the command of Lord Nezekan.[14].

Step 6. Accept the energy of TumblusenAn Aetheric Field Protector guarding the Eltnen Observatory. His looks show the wisdom he has gained over the years.[17].

Step 7. Accept the energy of AtroposThe Aetheric Field Protector in the Observatory Village in Theobomos. She is a diligent worker.[20].

Step 8. Accept the energy of AphesiusAn Aetheric Field Protector in charge of the Heiron Observatory. He is very capable and has a strong sense of responsibility. He blames himself for not detecting the Abyss Gate in advance.[23].

Step 9. Accept the energy of JucleasA Protector of Divinity in the Lyceum of Sanctum. The Empyrean Lords wanted to place a reliable person at the Lyceum. They appointed quiet and reticent Jucleas as the Protector of Divinity.[26].

Step 10. Accept the blessing of MoraiA Guardian protecting the Ardus Shrine in Verteron. She uses ambiguous expressions and seems to hide something.[29].

Step 11. Accept the blessing of GaiaA Daeva of Earth in the Nobelium of Eltnen Fortress. She came to Eltnen to investigate the desertification of the region.[32].

Step 12. Accept the blessing of KimeiaA Protector of Divinity who has sealed Sataloca’s Heart in Sataloca’s Tomb in Eltnen. She has an eye for judging people.[35].

Step 13. Accept the blessing of JamanokThe owner of the Jamanok Inn in Theobomos. She runs a fine inn.[38].

Step 14. Accept the blessing of SerimnirAn escaped Lepharist in Marla Cave in Theobomos. He hides in the Bloodwing chambers during the day, and in the Laupede chambers during the night.[41].

Step 15. Accept the blessing of MaximusA General Goods Merchant at Jeiaparan Village in Heiron. A retired Daeva, he has been hiding his identity since he moved to the village. He is very reticent for anyone to know who he is.[44].

Step 16. Take the marble to Pernos in Poeta.

Category mission
Race Elyos
Location The Hidden Truth Mission
Quest Level50
Required Level50
Need to complete the following quests first:
Barring the Gate
Sealing the Abyss Gate
Balaur Conspiracy
Brigadier Indratu
Fragment of Memory 3
Josnack’s Dilemma
The Calydon Ruins
Speaking Balaur
Project Drakanhammer
A Sliver of Darkness
A Past Mission
Sword of Transcendence
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
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XP: 10106881

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