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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
[Alliance] Laize's Panoply: Breastplate55Abyssal SplinterAsmodians
Deciphering Drakan55Lower Udas TempleAsmodians
[Group] Heart of the Matter55Lower Udas TempleAsmodians
[Group] Pieces of the Past55Lower Udas TempleAsmodians
[Weekly] How to Garden Aggressively55OrielElyos
[Daily] Blackheart, Cold Hands55FortuneersElyos
Durable Daevanion Armor55Daevanion QuestElyos
[Daily] Find, Kill, and Drink Ale55FortuneersElyos
Durable Daevanion Weapon55Daevanion QuestElyos
[Daily] Kill Orb Be Killed55FortuneersElyos
Releasing the Sword's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Daily] Releasing Bad Gas55FortuneersElyos
[Daily] Killing Pride55FortuneersElyos
Durable Daevanion Armor55Daevanion QuestAsmodians
Releasing the Greatsword's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Durable Daevanion Weapon55Daevanion QuestAsmodians
Releasing the Polearm's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Releasing the Staff's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Releasing the Spellbook's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Releasing the Orb's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Daily] Cut Up the Nightbutcher55FortuneersElyos
[Daily] To Kill a Gryphu55FortuneersElyos
[Weekly] A Room for the Guestbloom55PernonAsmodians
Releasing the Bow's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Daily] A Sticky Situation55FortuneersElyos
[Daily] Satbakun's Last Stand55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
Releasing the Dagger's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Daily] To Kill the Dead55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
[Daily] Harviste's Drana55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
Releasing the Mace's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
[Daily] Zantra - the Revenge55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
[Daily] Pruning Vinestem55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
The Protection of the Sage II55Daevanion QuestElyos
The Protection of the Sage II55Daevanion QuestAsmodians
Releasing the Pistol's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Releasing the Aethercannon's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Releasing the Harp's Potential55GelkmarosAsmodians
Hi, Priestess55SarpanElyos Asmodians
[Daily] Talking to Plants55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
Kahrun's People55SarpanElyos Asmodians
[Daily] An Officer and a Drakan55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
[Alliance] An Urgent Mission55InggisonElyos
Rumors55SarpanElyos Asmodians
[Daily] Ancient Mutant Warrior Beast55Charlirunerk's DaemonsAsmodians
[League] Securing Avarice55InggisonElyos
Solomon's City55SarpanElyos Asmodians
A Safer Crater55InggisonElyos
Friends, Indeed55SarpanElyos Asmodians
Essence of Sulfur55InggisonElyos
All in the Family55SarpanElyos Asmodians
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