Power of the Plumes Event

The Plume is a new accessory introduced in the game on June 18, 2014. The item has a separate equipment slot and appears on the side of your character’s head. The Plume can be enchanted with Tempering Solutions to add additional Attack / Magic Boost and HP stats. When selecting a Plume, choose the one that best matches your character class. There is no limit on how high a plume can be tempered, but as the plume’s level increases, tempering becomes more difficult.

Power of the Plumes event ends on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 5:30 AM Central. If you have a Plume equipped or in your inventory at the end of the event with a Temperance level +7 and higher, you will be rewarded with the following items:

Temperance Level Rewards
+7 Steampunk Wings
+8 Ailu Claw Pet Egg
Steampunk Wings
+9 Ailu Claw Pet Egg
Steampunk Wings
Sharptooth Steamrunner
+10 Ailu Claw Pet Egg
Steampunk Wings
Sharptooth Steamrunner
Timeless Gear & Weapon Set
Opportunity to help name something in the next update
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New Aion Trailer

Gameforge has released a new Aion live action trailer named My Life, My Choice, My Game, with a message: This is your life – ignore the rest and seize your destiny with both hands.

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Aion White Day 2014

Aion White Day 2014
Aion celebrates White Day! White Day is a special Asian (Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese) day, similar to Valentine’s Day. On February 14 it is customary for girls to give sweets to guys and on the White Day, men are “repaying their debt”.
K-Aion decided to celebrate this occasio with new stuf that can be grabbed from 14th March to 19th March 2014.
Click here to see what’s included

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New AetherTech appearances

Aion AetherTech
The newest Aion 4.5 update, which was released in South Korea on 5th March, features new and improved AetherTech lower/mid-level armors.
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New Aion 4.5 Hair Style

new aion 4.5 hair style
The latest Aion update on Korean servers brings out several interesting changes like new teleports in Katalam, different AetherTech weapons’ appearance, but the one that caught my eye is a new Hair Style available during the character creation.
Spotted on Daeva’s Report

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Aion Free-to-Play celebrates 2 years anniversary

Aion 2 years Anniversary
On 28th February, Aion will celebrate 2 years since it switched to free-to-play model. To mark this anniversary, official Aion page published following:

The population of Atreia has taken lessons during the switch and can now speak Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish alongside English, French and German. Update 4.0 strengthened the squad of heroes with two new classes; the Artist (with “Bard” specialisation) as well as the Engineer (with “Gunner” specialisation) joined the character selection.
But there has also been plenty going on over on the Balaur side. Dragon Lord Tiamat thirsted for power, yet failed miserably thanks to you and the other brave Daeva. The successor came in the form of Lord Beritra who now has to be stopped. There’s plenty more to come in the future too, Daeva…

Official Aion page also used this opportunity to announce release date for Update 4.5, which will come out on 9th April 2014 on the European Servers. You can find patchnotes here.
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Aion 4.5 Steel Cavalry Patch Notes

aion new wings
Aion 4.5 Steel Cavalry Patch Notes are finally here. Along with the new Aethertech class game update introduces new skills, features, and the brand new Glory Point system. In the list below we summarized new and exciting feature of Steel Cavalry, and
detailed patch notes can be found here

  1. The Aethertech class has been added to the game
  2. New instances Illuminary Obelisk, Iron Wall Warfront, Upper Abyss, Engulfed Ophidan Bridge, Lucky Danuar Reliquary have been added to the Idian Depths and the Upper Abyss
  3. New skills have been added for existing classes
  4. The Glory Points system has been added
  5. New campaigns and quests have been added for the Aethertech class
  6. New items have been added for the Aethertech class
  7. A function has been added to write memos on the friend list
  8. New hairstyles have been added
  9. Siege times have changed

Note: Thanks AionBahaliel for new wings screenshot

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Aion Steel Cavalry will be released on January 29

Aion Steel Cavalry
NCSoft announced today that Aion: Steel Cavalry will be available to players on January 29.
Steel Cavalry will be the newest free expansion pack for Aion and the fourth expansion for the Korean MMORPG, which will upgrade the game to the 4.5 version. The pack will include new Aerthertech class, two new instances, new skills, but also better balance of the gameplay and other improvements to the game.

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Iron Wall Warfront instance screenshots

A few days ago, four teaser screenshots were revealed on the official Aion Facebook page, showcasing new Aion 4.5 update. The following screenshots are the first look into Iron Wall Warfront, one of the two instances coming in Aion: Steel Cavalry.

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Aion Server Maintenance 01/08/2014

Official Aion site was updated with information regarding the newest server maintenance times. Servers will be unavailable on Wednesday, January 8 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. Furthermore, store purchases will be unavailable from 7AM to 8AM Central Time.

Here is the list of announced changes:

  • Routine server updates and modifications.
  • Shugo Kindgom Adventure will end.
  • Solorius Festival items will no longer be on sale.
  • Character transfers will resume.

Any updates to the schedule will be posted on Aion official Facebook page and Twitter.

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