Aion confirmed new customer service company Zendesk

During the last several days, Aion fans who reported technical issues with support tickets, got their response back from Hopefully, for those of you who thought it was a hack attempt, Aion’s Community Manager HIME, confirmed in the latest post on the official Aion forums, that Zendesk is the newest customer support provider.

Zendesk is our newest customer support portal provider so it’s not a hack attempt. Thanks for bringing this up and being cautious
Source: Aion forum

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Steel Cavalry the next Aion expansion

aion 4.5 steel cavalry

NCSoft unveiled the name of the next free Aion expansion Steel Cavalry, which will introduce the final new class into the game Aethertech. The expansion will also bring two new instances to challenge players.

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Aion Prestige Pack

prestige pack
Aion team introduced new Prestige pack which is designed as recurring purchase that will be delivered to you every month, giving you the benefit of some amazing items. The current price is 1200 NCoin per month.
Prestige Pack offers exclusive items like a Mark of Wealth that increases Kinah drop rate, and the Instance Cooldown Pack, which reduces instance cooltimes on new instances introduced in Aion 4.0. You’ll also get the incredible Prestige Case, which lasts for 30 days. Every day, you can open the case and receive one of any number of helpful and valuable items, such as Relics, Ceramium Medals, Ceramium Coins, and Combat Symbols.
Go ahead and head on over to the official site for more information.

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Aion Shugo Imperial Tomb guide

Shugo Imperial Tomb is an instance similar to tower defense games. Your main objective is to protect the towers and hold your defense against waves of enemies that will try to destroy them. You can enter the instance by speaking to Indiana Jonshunerk, who can be found in main Cities.
As soon as you enter Shugo Imperial Tomb you will be transformed into a Shugo and receive special abilities only available inside the instance.

Instance info

  • Instance time reset: 22h
  • Lvl range: 51-60
  • Players: Two or Three


Indiana Jonshunerk locations
Entrance locations
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Aion introduced Wings of Hyperion

After the latest minor patch on the Korean Test Server, Aion team introduced new Mythical grade wings – Wings of Hyperion. These wings can be obtain as a random drop in 12-players instance “The Katalamize“. The wings are available for Level 65 and some main stats are listed below:

  • Vitality +472
  • Flight Time +87
  • Mentality +330
  • Physical Attack Defense +92
  • Physical Crit Resistance +48
  • Crit Spell Resistance +14


Sources: Daeva’s Report, Korean PowerBook

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Shugo Kingdom Adventure returns to Aion

Shugo Kingdom Adventure
Shugo Kingdom Adventure is a limited-time instance which takes place deep in the Imperial Tomb. Starting May 22nd, Daevas who’ve reached level 50 will be able to participate in the Shugo Kingdom event and search for special treasure chests.
While inside, you will be transformed into a Shugo and your gear and stats are not important for the battle. You’ll also receive special abilities only available inside the instance. The instance requires 2-3 men, level 51-60, and it resets daily at 9AM. The goal is to protect your towers long enough to lure out the bosses of each stage and defeat them. This will get you the keys and entry passes you need to enter the various treasure vaults. Losing a stage will not lose you the instance, but it will prevent you from earning the keys you need to unlock the reward chests at the end!
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Aion Guardian General Showdown event

The great news for all Aion fans is that Guardian General Showdown event has additional spawns for each faction in Inggison and Gelkmaros. This event lasts until May 22nd, and offers an opportunity to take down the rival faction Guardian General and obtain great rewards.
After defeating the Guardian General, you will receive the same rewards as the Jotun Square battles. There is no bonus participation survey for these additional spawns, but the existing surveys will remain in place for those doing battle in Silentera Canyon.
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Wildstar – one MMO to check out this year

We recently attended a press event organized by Carbine Studios and NCSoft where we were shown, and got to play, Wildstar – MMORPG game coming sometime in 2013. After playing the game we thought it would be important to share our impressions about the game, because Wildstar is one of the few MMOs coming out this year and we wanted to relate what we saw, so you can decide if the game is worth your attention. MMO gamers are spread across their favorite games and when a new contender enters the fray we only give attention to games produced by big studios or backed by a major IP. This year, you should watch out for Wildstar instead.


Wildstar is a game that’s been in production for 5+ years (I think the exact number is 7). Its main philosophy is to “play the way you want to play“. It is placed in a brand new universe where a legendary planet Nexus has been discovered and two previously warring factions are rushing to discover all its secrets. There is a mysteriously vanished Elden race and we also have laser guns with magic and big swords all mixed together with humor and drawing style worth of a Disney movie. It is being made by industry veterans, headed by Jeremy Gaffney, founder of Turbine who had his hands in games like Asheron’s Call, Ultima Online, City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa, Guild Wars and more.


  • Action oriented combat and skill system with “telegraphs”
  • Paths – system that puts an emphasis of a certain playstyle: Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settler
  • Providing “elder game” is as important as providing leveling content
  • Battlegrounds, Arenas, 40v40 Warplots PvP
  • 20 and 40(!) man raiding
  • Multiple ways of progression (in elder game as well)
  • Highly customize-able Housing at launch
  • loads and loads of humor and content

Click here to read our impressions of the game

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Aion Truly Free Anniversary Event

The first Aion anniversary starts on April 10th with in-game events. The Truly Free Anniversary event will last from April 10th through the 17th, and players will be able to participate in a special reintroduction of the giant cake and candle event. During this period Aether Flame drop rate will be increased.

This week we’re celebrating a milestone in our service- the 1 year anniversary of Truly Free Aion!  Just 1 year ago, Aion shed its subscription model and opened up the world of Atreia to all players for free.  Veterans of the MMO genre know that free can mean many different things to different companies.  Even more recent game conversions advertise free while their service tells a very different story.  We wanted our model to be the best out there, so we gave you, our players, the entire core game with zero restrictions.  No annoying upgrades, no trade limits, and nothing hidden behind a pay wall.  We also gave you 3.0 and all of its content for free and we’re excited to announce that this June, we’ll be giving you update 4.0: Dark Betrayal Truly Free as well!
To celebrate this milestone as well as the future on Aion, we’ve enabled the popular Decorate the Cake event that we ran last year.  This event lets players find flames throughout the world and light the candles on the celebration cake in each faction’s city square.  When lit, the candle will give a powerful buff to any player standing near the cake!  So gather together, celebrate, and share the rewards!
Event Details:
Brilliant Truly Free Candle – 300% XP gain for 4 hours!
Mysterious Truly Free Candle – 300% drop rate for 4 hours!
Calming Truly Free Candle – Gives everyone in the area 10% attack speed and 10% cast speed for 4 hours and replenishes their DP by 2000.
Flames can be exchanged for candles with NPCs located in Sanctum and Pandaemonium – Just look for the giant cake!


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Aion 4.0 launches in June

aion 4.0

A few days ago, Massively made an interview with Sean Orlikowski, and unveiled some great news for all Aion fans. According to Aion’s associate producer Sean Orlikowski, Dark Betrayal expansion will be released in June for North America. Aion 4.0 update will be the same as Korea’s 4.2 update.

When 4.0 hits here in NA, the build will actually correspond to Korea’s 4.2; our version will start with two of the new classes right off the bat, unlike Korea’s 4.0 launch. Players wanting to test their wings as a Songweaver (the official name of the bard class) or a Gunslinger have only until June to secure free slots on their accounts.

Spotted on Massively

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