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Patch 1.9 recap

Public Test Server is already hosting the long awaited patch 1.9. In preparation for its release on the live servers NCSoft released several articles and videos to help you navigate through the new features and content. Official PowerWiki has a … Continue reading

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Aion 2.0 is from now on Assault on Balaurea

Just as patch 1.9 hit the PTS NCSoft released a trailer for the patch 2.0, from now on to be called Assault on Balaurea. The video showcases new instances, bosses, lands, pets and the other goodness arriving with 2.0. See … Continue reading

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1.9 is arriving to PTS today!

The long awaited Aion patch 1.9 is available for download on the PTS as I write this post. The server should be down for maintenance while the patch is being applied. The patch is 3199MB in size. Update: At some … Continue reading

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Images of two new Aion lands

Patch 2.0 made its appearance on the Korean Test servers and in turn we have loads of media pouring in. Just to remind you, NCSoft plans to release this patch to the Western audiences sometime in September/October (as announced in … Continue reading

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Roleplaying Legion Faire

Roleplaying community on Lumiel is hosting a roleplaying event on Sunday May 16 with the purpose of recruiting new members to RP Legions. The whole event is organized by members and it will take place in Sanctum on Sunday, … Continue reading

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Double XP weekend and patch 2.0 notes

For whoever is not playing on the quintuple XP PST server you will be able to enjoy increased XP gains throughout the weekend. This has become a regular thing now, to have a double XP weekend every two weeks. I … Continue reading

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