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Aion Abyss Points

The Abyss is a region of Atreia located between Elysea and Asmodae. This area is reserved for higher level characters and end-game purposes because of highly desirable items and rare resources. It is an unpredictable area, with new challenges and … Continue reading

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Aion being boxed

Aion community manager posted these pics and I couldn’t resist putting them up here as well. On the left image is the machine that is actually creating the Aion boxes. (you can actually see there on the left the Aion … Continue reading

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Important news for CB participants

All the Aion Closed Beta participants that created their account prior to July 29, 2009 you need to update your NCSoft Aion account right away. NCSoft changed their account system on that day to accommodate for the upcoming live release … Continue reading

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Aion OB patch and full client download links (updated)

The floodgates are open and you can start pre-downloading your open beta Aion client right away. If you already have the Closed Beta client you can find the patch on Fileplanet and this should bring your client up to Open … Continue reading

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Aion Open Beta details announced

After several days of teasing Aion community managers finally announced the details of the Open Beta and pre-select and headstart programs. Open beta will take place September 6-13th and will include patch 1.5 changes along with many Western changes like: … Continue reading

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Aion Open Beta hints and Guild Wars special (updated)

Aion community team has returned from Cologne and its business as usual back in their offices – except they have said on Twitter the following: Brian Knox said the following: Back in Seattle time to prepare for open beta (

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Aion Lead Designer Interview

Aion Lead Designer Yongchan Jee gave an interview at GamesCom 09 Aion stage, answering community questions delivered by Lani Blazier. Lani has been gathering the questions through social networking sites like Twitter (her account is aion_liv and you can follow … Continue reading

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Aion Stigma System and Stones

The Stigma System The Stigma system is in a form of a skill slot tree that allows the players to further customize their characters. In this way the players of the same class have different abilities that can not be … Continue reading

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Aion Cleric Class Screenshots

NCsoft has revealed a new selection of screenshots for Aion Cleric Class. On the screenshots you can discover the Cleric class specialization. The Cleric is a Priest subclass who follows the Star of Healing. It uses magic power to strengthen … Continue reading

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New Aion GamesCom 2009 Trailer

As NCsoft has already announced the things will start to get really interesting while we are waiting for the launch of Aion: The Tower Of Eternity. The best confirmation is a new Aion trailer for GamesCom 2009.

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