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Aion PTS XP multiplier goes above 4x

We reported yesterday that the newly created Aion public Test Server has a 30% XP increase over the regular live servers. This was based on us killing several mobs on level one in starting Elyos areas. Turns out that this … Continue reading

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Help with how to install Aion Public Test Server

Seems others are having the same problem we had with installing the PST client and it being seen by the NCSoft launcher. Kuroi of the EU server Castor has posted a solution in this thread on the official forums and … Continue reading

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30% more XP on the Public Test Server

We jumped right into the newly opened Aion Public Test Server and the XP increase compared to the regular client seems to be 30%. At least on the first levels. We’ll try and officially confirm this. Also, when trying to … Continue reading

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Public Test Server is available

It has been announced on the official site that you can start accessing the PTS (Public Test Server) that will have beta versions of the game running. The official FAQ can be found on the official forums and here are … Continue reading

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Aion patch 2.0 goes live in Korea

We are getting our own test servers today (as announced by this news post), while at the same time Korean Public test Servers are seeing the release of the much anticipated Aion version 2.0. The patch notes are 38 pages … Continue reading

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1.9 patch to be released in May

Part two of the “Ask Kinslon” interview series was released yesterday on the official site. Beside answering about Two-Handed Armsfusion and the Mist Item Rental system it was reveled that the 1.9 patch will hit western server in May. You … Continue reading

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More veteran rewards revealed

Those of you playing Aion regularly know about the Veteran Rewards program. It provides you with small item rewards for every consecutive month you have paid your Aion subscription. For 6 months of subscribing you get cool looking lvl 40 … Continue reading

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Mo’ Kinah Mo’ Problems

We begin this week with an excellent Aion themed podcast. They have just released their second episode and its a very knowledgeable show giving great tips on crafting, grinding and making Aion kinah the right way. Whether to quest grind, … Continue reading

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New Aion Double Experience Weekend, April 9th-12th

Tamat has announced new Double Experience Weekend:) After enjoying Fergus’s present of the massive soul healing cost reduction, are you ready for another Double Experience Weekend? I don’t hear you… What? Is that a yes? That’s what I thought! Ladies … Continue reading

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Easter Monday Video Rant

Another week has started and this means I can jump into another one of our Monday Aion Rants. This week we have a special Video edition. The Blog community has not been as active in the past 7 days so … Continue reading

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