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Aion 1.9 release recap

It’s been more than a week since patch 1.9 hit the official servers and I feel its time to draw the line and see where we stand atm. The patch seems to be well received by the community. I am … Continue reading

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Updated quests for Aion 1.9

Some of you might have noticed that we were down for some 15 minutes today. This was cause by the update of the quests database to the latest patch. Things are still in beta but we wanted to release the … Continue reading

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Patch 1.9 recap

Public Test Server is already hosting the long awaited patch 1.9. In preparation for its release on the live servers NCSoft released several articles and videos to help you navigate through the new features and content. Official PowerWiki has a … Continue reading

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Public Test Server is available

It has been announced on the official site that you can start accessing the PTS (Public Test Server) that will have beta versions of the game running. The official FAQ can be found on the official forums and here are … Continue reading

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Aion patch 2.0 goes live in Korea

We are getting our own test servers today (as announced by this news post), while at the same time Korean Public test Servers are seeing the release of the much anticipated Aion version 2.0. The patch notes are 38 pages … Continue reading

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1.9 patch to be released in May

Part two of the “Ask Kinslon” interview series was released yesterday on the official site. Beside answering about Two-Handed Armsfusion and the Mist Item Rental system it was reveled that the 1.9 patch will hit western server in May. You … Continue reading

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Mo’ Kinah Mo’ Problems

We begin this week with an excellent Aion themed podcast. They have just released their second episode and its a very knowledgeable show giving great tips on crafting, grinding and making Aion kinah the right way. Whether to quest grind, … Continue reading

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[April fools] 1.9 new gameplay video released

To avoid today’s April Fools madness NCSoft released a new video yesterday showcasing some new content and graphics improvements that are incoming with the 1.9 patch. We have been asked by Tamat not to embed it on our pages but … Continue reading

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Aion patch 2.0 video from the Korean press conference

Information and media from the recently announced Aion patch 1.9 is starting to pour in. Massively.com found this video from the big press conference that was held in Korea and it showcases not only the 1.9 changes, but beyond, into … Continue reading

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1.9 patch notes revealed

European and North American office “super secret” meeting took place today and major v1.9 game improvements were announced. New skills for every class (including new skills specifically for countering stun attacks) Dozens of daily quests with different objectives and rewards … Continue reading

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