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Aion Fire Temple Guide

When you hit level 30 Fire Temple will become an important instance for you. You can access it very often – a lockdown is 30 minutes from the moment you enter the instance, you have a very good chance to … Continue reading

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February Community Address

Aion’s newly appointed producer addressed the community today with a monthly update of where the game is at the moment and what their plans are for the future. Chris himself admits that: … at times you may feel like you’re … Continue reading

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Social fail weekend aka double xp

Apparently, there’s an overwhelmingly positive response of the Aion community to the double XP weekends because NCSoft is introducing another one of these, mere two weeks after the last one. Aion Life’s scientific team sat down to determine why the … Continue reading

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En Masse is the new home of ex-Aion producer

Mistery of the missing ex Aion producer, Brian Knox, has been resolved. The man has moved to a new Seattle company called “En Masse” that is going to be the Western publisher and “localizer” (look, I just made up a … Continue reading

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Aion is hosting an ongoing game event

Jefnyerk the Sad has been going around the Aion servers looking for his lost valentine, Dianyerk, since last Thursday. He roams the capital cities looking for kindhearted adventurers to help him search for his beloved. It is a mini in-game … Continue reading

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Server maintenance and a small patch

I think we are all accustomed to having server maintenance on Wednesdays. This one is just a bit different by introducing patch no. (sooo many dots…). The patch introduces small fixes to quest, text and audio inaccuracies. You can … Continue reading

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Aion NA/EU First Tahabata Pyrelord Kill

Ariel server hosts a group of brave Asmodians that dared enter Lord Tahabata Pyrelord’s lair and challenge its rule over Dark Poeta. After two weeks of trying and wiping and trying again they fell the beast. Tahabata is famous for … Continue reading

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How to create more resurrection options in Aion

While questing, visiting Abyss, or just exploring new locations, there is a great chance that you will run into nasty mobs or unfriendly players and be defeated. You can always resurrect at an obelisk spot, but it’s much convenient if … Continue reading

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Patch 2.0 confirmed

Andrew “Tamat” Beegle, Aion’s NA community manager, confirmed the release of so-called patch 2.0 in the first half of this year. Considering that, due to localization, we get patches ~2 months after Korea and that there are only 4 more … Continue reading

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